Level Design (UDK)

This project was created throughout college for a level design module. The idea was we had to create a playable level for a game, design the entire thing and make it work in engine (with assets). This is one of the reasons this isn’t released (it’s only 1 level), but it’s still a neat piece of work that has a lot to show. Not all of the work is original, some standard assets were used to populate the environment but the majority of work was created by me.

When I created this project I was obsessed with horror games & because of this I wanted to create one. I worked on a story for the game and even included subtitles (which I ported in via Flash). You’re basically trapped inside a house with a murderous psycho and naturally you want to escape. Make your way floor by floor to the exit and survive many challenges along the way. I had simple challenges like find the key or get across a hole in the floor but some were much more intricate e.g. a timed labyrinth (in which you had to find a cure to a poison before you die).

The main highlight of this project to me is the house, not just the general design but the model itself. I remember spending days trying to create and texture that house as well as making the inside and outside link and fit perfectly. Even after a few years I still think this project looks & plays quite well.

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