C++ Project

This little game was created throughout university for an employability module. The idea was we all had to choose a skill to learn or improve that would increase our chances of becoming employed. It came with a learning contract and a lot of research but it was still one of the interesting modules.

I chose to learn C++ at an entry level this came with a plan to research its importance & uses within games development and then learn and practice the basics. The entire process can be read about on my blog which starts here:


I talk in much more detail about what I’m learning, how and what I plan on doing with it throughout those posts. Now let’s talk about the level I created itself, it was created in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) as this was the best engine choice for me and it supports C++. I started basic and simply programmed a door then kept extending that class to create more gameplay. For example, I created a timed door, destructible door, locked door etc. As the level progressed I was becoming more confident and at the end even created a win lose scenario based on a shooting range minigame. The game isn’t anything new or exciting but it was a chance to work with a new language and since I got a game working I would consider it a success.

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