Bedtime Gories

This is the largest team I’ve currently worked with (11 people) and it was an interesting experience to say the least. The project was split up and we were each given 3-5 mini-games

to create that linked to the main game. You must complete each mini-game and aim for the highest score but watch out the difficulty increases the more mini-games you complete.

There were many hurdles but in the end we finished with a complete game and a variety of different minigames. I worked quite well with the team and helped anyone where I could, I also contributed a lot to the main games core systems (scoring, saving etc.). Part of the team also helped with the main game which had us all working collaboratively. We’d consistently update the game and ensure the entire team had access as well as inform them of any changes made and how to make each game work with any new systems.

Above I’ve included screenshots of my levels so you can clearly see the game and the work I produced. Below I’ll include some images of the rest of the game so you can see the variety and further grasp the concept:

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