1h Prototypes

These are weekly challenges I participate in where a game is created within an hour based on a random theme/challenge. The concept of this challenge was thought up by me and a few fellow students. There has been many fails but also a few projects I’d happily take further. A few examples could include the egg game I recently made, which could definitely be a lot of fun & I have a lot of ideas for. You can read about that (or simply look at the images) here:


There have been some interesting things to come out of it, I’ve learned a lot for example at one point we was tasked with AR within an hour. We didn’t manage to make a game but we did succeed with the challenge and had fun doing so! I also managed to practice networking at some point, it was a very simple setup (using Unity’s built in networking features). Multiplayer was something I thought I’d never do let alone in an hour…

I generally do this challenge weekly (Fridays) so if you’d like to see more follow my social media. You can also read my blog; I post about this challenge weekly.

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