Must Dash

Must Dash is an endless runner created for the mobile platform. The player runs through 4 different environments collecting treasures and avoiding obstacles along the way. Each environment is upgradable allowing more treasure but more hazards too. You’ve also a wardrobe of glorious moustache styles & clothing options, at the cost of your treasures of course.

Must Dash is a game that was created throughout my last year at university as a group project. Me and 4 fellow students worked collaboratively under Lateslip Games and produced this after a few months of development. There is a short trailer available so you can gain a better idea of the project:

I worked as the programmer within the team and worked on everything from the UI systems (Missions, shop, settings etc.) to the core gameplay mechanics. Throughout development I had to work closely with other team members ensuring everything was executed correctly and the game was running as expected.

Though the original project was designed by one member of the team, everyone in the team contributed to the final design. Weekly team meetings and workplace discussions often occurred where each of us would discuss features of the game and bounce ideas around.  I was often responsible for testing these solutions and creating prototypes of the features we discussed.

If you’d like to play Must Dash it is available for download on your Android devices via the Google Play store, I’ll include a download link below:


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