Lift Off

Lift off is a game I created alongside a friend for the Ludum Dare 38 game jam. The theme was “a small world” and as such we created this little game. You can read more about the game and experience on this post:

The original concept was designed by me but a lot of the games design was changed throughout development and we both pitched in some great ideas. I managed to work on a few pieces of artwork for this project including:

  • The shed (& sign)
  • The enemies
  • The pickaxe
  • The skybox

But my primary role as usual was programmer (my favourite), I worked on the AI, combat system, mining system and worked a lot with the physics. I think we both did a great job in 72h, if you’d like to give it a play you can do so here: (Beware there’s no mute button)

Since this was part of a game jam we had a lot of progression posts (showing how the game is coming along. You’ve already seen the end product but here’s what we started with (after a few hours of development): (1)


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