Who am I?


Hey, I’m Alex Tandy or as I’m now formally known Alex.theDev. I’m an independent games developer and I’m going to talk about and reflect on my entire learning journey. I will then conclude with what I plan on doing with everything I’ve learned.


This was me getting my foot in the door, learning how things work and how the games industry is broken down. I really enjoyed most of the assignments and as such finished with the second highest mark. This is when I knew games development is definitely something I want to work with.

Year 1

Game Programming

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  • My favourite & coolest project from the first year
  • Thrown into the deep end with code
  • Undeniably helped me get to where I am today with programming
  • Learned a lot about scope (aimed for the skies)
  • Missed out on polish due to the large idea

Art Asset Creation

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  • Art isn’t my strongest suit but some good things came out of this
  • Discovered style guides
  • Practiced 2D animation
  • Over 100 engine ready assets
  • Tested in previous employability presentation

Game Design & WIC

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  • 2 modules connected – Design & pitch then create throughout the year
  • Improved knowledge on game design
  • Further experience using Unity & C#
  • Fairly large scale project, incomplete but polish included
  • Quirky, unique game with interesting mechanics

Game Tech

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  • My thoughts on this project have changed alot over time
  • Valuable engine & code experience
  • Tried pushing more into art & animation
  • If refined it could make a nice little game


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  • Introduction into networking
  • Better understanding of the industry & structure
  • Presentation made in Unity & made use of art assets

last years

My main goal in the presentation was to create a mobile game throughout summer. This was achieved and I got to experience working collaboratively.

Year 2

User Interface

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  • Insight into the depth & detail of UI design
  • Match 3 a horrible yet perfect example to use
  • Great introduction into mobile UI
  • Clean space themed UI – Visuals & code improved
  • Minor problems/hurdles – learned to test

Game Tech 2

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  • Opportunity to work in a larger team
  • Worked very well with the team and worked on the main systems
  • An array of mini-game ideas, 5 prototypes, 3 polished levels
  • Mini-games had to get cut, disappointing but helpful
  • Missed some key milestones due to poor team performance


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  • Most enjoyed module over the 2 years
  • Difficulty with business documentation at start
  • Completely dedicated to the project & team from the beginning
  • Mountains of work, new systems or bugs each week
  • Worked with UE4 & Unity
  • Created all core systems, excellent portfolio piece
  • First released polished product through university

Cross Platform

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  • Previous experience with Android aided this assignment
  • Understanding of test plans and the uses of one
  • Discovered new bug tracking software
  • Discovered the amount of detail that can go into reporting a single bug
  • Much better knowledge on mobile publishing platforms


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  • Experienced brand creation – May have spent too much time here
  • Elegant site, blog, cards & logo alongside brand
  • Understanding of what a marketing plan is & how it works
  • More professional social presence
  • Tight schedule defined, caused a few issues during employability

Employability 2

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  • Learning contract, alternate learning experience
  • Learned about the basics of C++
  • Further networking experience
  • Experience with UE4 & basic console applications
  • Slow start, eventually picked up what I was doing
  • Ran into a few problems, especially with the build

The Future…

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  • A short break
  • Work on Finger Ninja 
  • Work on a few other projects
  • Apply for Jobs