May Dev Diary: Better Late Than Never…

Original Post:

This post is under construction, check back later. There will be a post soon!

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Update (08/06/2021):

Hello there! Let’s get straight into this, this post was late. Why? Because the video I’ve been working on over a month now was also late. I was falling behind, Unity hadn’t been opened in weeks and things were not looking good. I decided then it was best to just put everything on pause and focus on one job at a time. That worked! I FINALLLLLYYYY have the video recorded, edited & uploaded. here it is:

I was hoping it would be done in time for this dev log but when it got to the end of the month, I still had bits to finish. Hopefully, this explains the delayed post, along with everything else. I severely underestimated how much effort can go into making a video…

Before this, the longest video to create took a week or so to piece together, with most only taking a day or two! What’s interesting to me is it became easier towards the end when I changed my approach. I started treating the video like a game project. At first, I just skimmed through the video finishing small parts (several seconds) a time. There was plenty of empty video, empty audio, and unedited footage throughout.

Then I decided to aim for a prototype, a very rough version of the completed video. The important part here was making sure there was no more blank footage or missing audio from start to finish. It didn’t take too long before I had a (very) rough version of the video, it was too messy to upload but it was finished, kinda.

I then spent a few days replacing/upgrading footage, another few days adding sounds and images and so on until eventually I was at the final stage. It was time to add the final details and export the video for uploading.

That was pretty much my entire month, it all worked out in the end! (Again, kinda)

I won’t be setting any goals for June because I’m already a week behind, I would probably fail. Plus, if you watched the video, you will know there’s a lot to do from here! I am shifting all focus back to my game, and nothing else until it is finished! Although, I will try to make sure this month my dev log is on time regardless! Thanks for coming back to read this post. Hope you enjoy the video.

Until next time…

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