November Dev Diary: AlextheDev is back!

Is it that time again? It’s the last day of the month, that means I have been summoned to my little corner of the internet for my (slightly) regular monthly dev log. As always, I’ll discuss what I’ve been up to, what’s new & what’s next. Let’s begin…

Previous Goals

I want to start by quoting last months post –


Did I do it? Yes. No excuses this time! Don’t Drop Dan is finally out! So if you haven’t played it yet you’re doing something wrong. Check it out:


Rise of the updates

I was so happy, my game was finished it was finally time to build & upload. Nope. I copied my project to a USB, put it on my mac, tried to build & had an update to do. One small update, no harm. Until that turned into ten updates.

Xcode update via Appstore fails (after in… - Apple Community

Why did I have to update? My iOS updated on my phone. In turn xCode had to update to build. Sadly I couldn’t update xCode without first updating my mac OS. The journey goes on, I won’t bore you but long story short I had several updates to do before I could see the game on my phone. I literally spent days just watching loading bars. It was not fun.

Submitting to the stores

Onto the next step, time to submit! This part was pretty much smooth sailing, I uploaded my app to the App Store and it was accepted within a day! Android proved a bit of a challenge though, they recently updated the dev console interface, here’s how that looks now:

Luckily the process itself hadn’t changed much, I just had to figure out where everything was. They also have slightly longer review times, I spent days waiting for it to get accepted, I understand why but it was an annoying wait.

Finally I had to spend a good few days figuring out in-app purchases. I had to learn everything from implementation to setting things up on the stores. It was surprisingly enjoyable, I feel like I’ve levelled up as a game dev! It was pretty easy, the only struggle I had was filling out tax & business info (I’m new to this stuff). But we can now remove ads in my games (should make some people happy)


Testing is always important, we all know this. It’s only right before the game went live I had my friend test it like I do every time. Good news, he didn’t find a single problem, it was suggestions and positive feedback. The bad news? I had a lot of problems getting the game to my friend.

Last time (with Cluckin’ Around) I submitted it to the app store (pending developer release) & used promo codes to let my friend download and test. This time though, promo codes weren’t working instead we got this message:

I contacted Apple and even they were confused as to why it was happening. I had to submit a kind of bug report including screenshots, a video, device information, build information etc.

The worst part is we couldn’t get it working in time. Instead I decided to release the game & keep it a secret, I let my friend play before I announced it officially (sneaky).


The game was finished towards the end of the month, so what else have I been up to? Working on some awesome updates of course! I cant give it all away but here’s some stuff you can look forward to

Auto tap improved

Firstly, it now limits at .5 seconds instead of 1sec. That’s double the power!!!

If that wasn’t enough we now have an auto tap multiplier:

As if you wasn’t making enough gold!

New skins

It’s only right to add a couple of extra costumes to unlock. Obviously that means extra challenges and maybe an extra ending or two. Have to wait and see!

New challenges

This part isn’t currently finished. The idea here is to add mini challenges you can complete every game and it rewards you with more gold! What’s not to love about that?

I figured it would make the game more interesting, especially for longer playthroughs. As I explained it still needs some work, stay tuned on my socials I’ll be sharing when it’s complete!

And of course there will be many more small updates and improvements included. It’s almost finished, expect it soon!

Goals For December

Last month I said I wanted to start working straight on my next game. As eager as I am to jump into my next project I want to continue working on Don’t Drop Dan at least for now. I have a few good ideas I’ve yet to implement, it’d be wrong to leave Dan behind without improving his world a little first.

Expect an update or two. What’s next? The plan moving forward will be announced soon.

Stay tuned! Until next time…

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