October Dev Diary: Coming soon…

Is it that time again? It’s the last day of the month, that means I have been summoned to my little corner of the internet for my (slightly) regular monthly dev log. As always, I’ll discuss what I’ve been up to, what’s new & what’s next. Let’s begin…

Previous Goals

Did I finish it? Almost…

In my defence it would probably be released by now if I wasn’t forced to take a few days off for a dental emergency (fun). Before the toothache I was having some insanely productive days. Now it’s began clearing up I’m back with the same energy! So much so that I’ll be changing my name on twitter back to “Alex the dev” as soon as this game is out!

Don’t Drop Dan is sooooo very close to being finished. The game itself & all the gameplay is complete. I just have some odd jobs that need doing before I can hit publish.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go over what I’ve done this month.


There’s plenty of progress this month, I just want to say: SPOILERS AHEAD.


Last month we had Dan, now there’s more:

I had some fun creating these. Once they were done I had to work on displaying them, I mean here’s the screen I was using:

Not pretty. I spent a good few hours piecing together the screen then it was on to the final part. Locking all the costumes and setting challenges to unlock them. Nothing I hadn’t done before! Here’s a look at that screen:


Last month I showed off some of the upgrades I had planned. Not only have I finished the remaining ones, I got a few new ideas.

I won’t show everything that would ruin the fun but here’s a look at the screen itself:


Originally the plan was just to get the highest score (number of taps). That was pretty much the entire game, just don’t drop into the fire. But once I started working with power ups I got flooded with ideas. There’s now currently 5 ways to win, FIVE WAYS TO WIN! We already know about the rain, I showed that in last months post. But what else is there? I can’t ruin it all for you, however here’s a peek at another ending:

That’s all you’re getting!

Finishing Touches

What’s left? Not a lot.

There’s a few bugs I’m aware of that I want to clear up, can’t leave them in there. Then it’s down the the final testing & publishing stage. I’ll need to build on both IOS & Android, run through make sure everything is fine. I can then privately publish the game, this way I can send it to a couple of friends for testing/feedback.

They will probably find a few things I missed, that’s why it’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes. Fix whatever I need to there, take note of any suggestions and if all is good, hit publish. I’m pretty excited!

Goals for November

Don’t Drop Dan should be out very soon! That is my first and primary goal. It seems every time I’m making a game, that’s the goal every month. IT WILL BE DONE THIS TIME! I’ve poured so much into this project and it’s finally at the last stage. I was expecting it out sooner, but game design got the best of me.

After that, it’s back on with the main project. I have a few ideas for that now too, we’ll talk about those soon.

Until next time…

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