March Dev Diary

Hey, back again! There’s a lot to talk about this month, and as always, I’ll try including details on what’s next. Let’s not waste any words…

String Z (Prototype 10)


Play some sweet music, attract a herd then hack n slash some zombies, what’s not fun about that? If you’ve been following my twitter you’ve probably already seen the (awesome) gif I posted of this game. I had finished working on the prototypes, but this was one of the ideas sat on the extras pile, & since I wasn’t quite at 10, I thought I’d push it a little.

I spent the first week of this month getting this prototype working. It was a fun one to work on though, especially getting the zombies to make a mess! I also got to work with very basic AI (think zombies count as the most basic), they still need some work, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the practice.

Many Documents

What can I say, I had a lot of ideas floating around my brain for each game. One thing I really wanted to avoid was moving forward with one, then forgetting everything about the rest. So, for about a week I just doodled away in my sketchbook & then moved it all into individual, (kinda) easy to read documents. That doesn’t mean each game is fully designed, I had to leave a little wiggle room for spontaneous creativity! But I’ve got a better idea on what I’m doing with all of them, I’ll thank myself for these documents later.

The Extra project (Again!)


Don’t worry, I haven’t been making or designing more prototypes… just yet. But I have an old flash game I made years ago that I’ve wanted to revisit for a while. It’s already in my portfolio “The Truth” & is playable on kongregate. If you do decide to go play it (I recommend you don’t) note it’s a little buggy and not perfectly made (it was my first game, I’m sorry).

But basically, it’s about creating & running your own secret society, mostly strategy based. Gain influence & don’t get detected (because its secret shhh). I always wanted to redesign/remaster it, but recently I thought about adding multiplayer aspects to it. That was it, my brain gave me like a thousand ideas at once. It will be a very different game with these changes, but I really want to make it just because it’s something I want to play! So, with that I technically have a prototype (the old game), I think I should add it to the list.

Wheel spin


I’ve a lot of ideas, what now? I best get making games! But since I couldn’t decide which one to move forward with first, I decided to make a prize wheel & let luck decide… I also thought it would come in handy, can use it in a few games (we all love prizes!).

I did struggle on where to start with this at first,  all those prototypes & I couldn’t make a wheel. Eventually I got it down though, I even made 2, both spinning in a different way. It will need to look & work a little better in a finished game, but for now I only needed the functionality.

So, what’s the plan? Well, sometime over the next few days I’ll spin this wheel with all the ideas on it, then set up a little bit of planning/project management so I know what I’m doing & start working on whichever one I get… You’ll be able to follow that over on my twitter. Next months post will all be about the games!
Until next time…

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