February Dev Diary: 10 PT

As promised here is the update for February, it’s a little late but there’s a lot to cover. It’s time to finally leak some details about the 10-prototype challenge I’ve been working through. Let’s get into it…

10 Prototypes

These past months I’ve worked through my library of ideas, seeing how many I can bring to life. After a long break from games development, It seemed like a fun, engaging way to refamiliarize myself with development. Each project is in its early stages & has a working title, with that in mind let’s take a look…

Shapes (Benched)


I wanted to start easy, so I went with a classic, an endless runner. The twist was the player would be able to change shape to fit past oncoming obstacles e.g. Flat, thin, normal shape etc.

This idea is benched, meaning I’m not 100% sure about it yet. It could be recovered at a later date but chances are these ideas will be left behind as I move forward. I still want to make an endless runner type game, but I thought this style was too overplayed. I also couldn’t quite work the mechanics into something fluid & fun to play, so it pivoted into the next idea.

Cloud Hop


A tile based endless runner, hop from cloud to cloud without falling off. Clouds will fade the longer the player stands still, so keep moving!

Obviously, the core mechanics here are nothing new, but compared to the previous idea I think there’s more I can do to develop this prototype.



Don’t go splat! Start at the top of a building with a randomly generated height, then jump. Your parachute does have a delay so don’t get too cocky.

Just sleep!


This is more of a concept piece, I’m still not 100% sure about it now. The game revolves around a player in bed trying to sleep. Once you fall asleep all you must do is stay asleep, which is apparently difficult! (trust me, have you tried sleeping?) Sleep for as many days as possible to score higher.

When you fall into a deeper sleep time speeds up and you begin to dream, these act as pop-up mini-games. Failing mini-games will affect how asleep you are drastically. It could also lead to nightmares, fail that & lose instantly.

Currently a couple of distractions exist:

  •  Randomly set daily alarm
  •  Randomly activated TV glitch
  •  Passing train
  •  Daytime (close the curtains it’s too bright!)

with the idea of adding many more distractions, different dreams/nightmares & upgrades to help you sleep… Because we all need a better mattress.



This one is simple, but I adore this idea. The start sequence has you tap & hold to blow a bubble, don’t hold for too long or it might just pop! Larger bubbles will move much slower than smaller ones, but due to their size it might be harder to manoeuvre between obstacles.

You choose the size! You choose the difficulty! Just blow a bubble & help it float as high as you can get it!

Dodge the bullet


Imagine the dive prototype but with guns. I have 1 problem with this idea, the original concept was dodge out of the way of the bullet. Sometimes you won’t have to dodge because the bullet will miss (aim isn’t always perfect!). But I find this game much more enjoyable if you catch the bullet. Which makes me think, bodyguard mode? Either way, I’m 100% doing something with this prototype.


Balance (benched)

Just balance. Originally, I wanted the player to do nothing, stay still & don’t touch, you won’t fall. This felt like a bit of a cop out, plus there’s obvious ways players can cheat. So, I thought about adding things to knock you off your balance forcing the player react. Making this game work in a way I want it to & remain enjoyable was a pain, as such I benched the idea before I got a working prototype.

Finger Ninja


You’ve seen this one before, right? If not, I’ve written about it multiple times, since those post include more details, I’ll provide a link for those interested:


Planet Hop


This is the last prototype I worked on, I should have stopped before this, but I couldn’t leave this behind. Hop from planet to planet harvesting everything it has before the planet self-destructs. Wait, are you a bad guy?

There’s a lot missing from this, but I managed to include the core mechanics:

  • Random selection of planets
  • Hop from planet to planet (infinitely)
  • Selection of harvestable objects
  • Max bag space
  • Random planet layouts
  • Planet destruction



A couple of ideas are left untouched, so what happens to those? The majority left behind are pretty large in scope, this doesn’t mean they’re unachievable or doomed to be forgotten. But I believe these would work best as group projects, that means they could appear at any time between or alongside these projects.

The Plan

I have a handful of prototypes, what now? I turn them all into real games obviously!

Now this will naturally take some time, especially if I’m facing this alone, I’ll have to wear a lot of hats which will keep me busy. I will take each one, one at a time & work on perfecting it to the point of release. If you like the ideas & want to see more be sure to follow this blog & my social media for regular updates.

My Work Schedule

Currently my personal & work life is a little bit of a mess, because of this, things may be a little unpredictable at first. But I’ll be putting as much work into development as I can.

The plan is to work 8 hours a day, at least 4 days a week. However, the specific days & total hours are not set in stone. There will be times, especially around each game release, hours won’t even be logged, I’ll be too busy working on the game!

A Quick Note…

Before I sign out, I’d like to make it public I have an attention disorder. This makes keeping myself focused on even the simplest of tasks, at times… challenging. Even writing a post like this one can sometimes take wayyy longer than it should. So please be patient, and to any developer that works with similar problems, hats off to you, it’s not easy.

That’s all, thanks! Until the next post…

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