10 Prototypes, what?!

The New AlextheDev

You may have noticed that ‘Alex.theDev(3);’ is now ‘Alex.theDev(0);’… Why? Have you lost faith in your old projects? No not at all, but all my previous work is either outdated or not actually owned/released by AlextheDev. So, I am refreshing, all my previous projects will stay in my portfolio and of course my heart but I am ready to create a collection of my own titles.

New Social Media

WHY IS EVERYTHING CHANGING?! It’s not entirely, relax. But this year I mean business, that means a lot of dev work, it also means increasing my online presence. So, here’s how I’m doing that:

  • Instagram account created (@alex_thedev)
  • New twitter account (@Alex_theDev)
  • Blog posts are back!

Before I move on to what I’m currently working on be sure to follow my new social media accounts to see all the cool stuff I’ll be up to! For now, they’re a little plain but as this work progresses, you’ll become sick of hearing about it.

Blog Updates

Social media won’t be the only way to keep up to date with AlextheDev, these posts are back and here to stay. Since the work is only just beginning, throughout early 2019 there will only be a monthly update post (kind of like this). These will occur the last Saturday of every month. Eventually as we progress there will probably be an extra post to break up the posts a little but for now be sure to follow the blog & check back!

10 Prototypes?

Right, so what am I working on now? Before 2018 ended I spent time scavenging through lost ideas and creating a plan to bring the best ones back from the graveyard. Throughout January I familiarised myself with game development again (reviewing old code/games) & then moved on to turning each idea into a prototype.

There are technically more than 10 ideas, but I have set a personal goal of 10 prototypes – 10 finished projects. The goal was to have the prototypes finished before February starts however, I did plan a week contingency just in case.

If you check my portfolio you will see I’ve added a new project which can now be used for you to track my current work on these projects. It also has a little more information on why I’m doing this. I can’t give away the ideas yet for a lot of them it’s too early, some are nothing more than a sketch with a title. But I plan on turning as many as possible into a finished product.

I can’t just leave it here and tell you nothing about any of the projects can I? So, I will say that Finger Ninja is included within these prototypes. It has not been forgotten or abandoned and it will get developed as one of these ten projects. But expect to see previews of the other ideas by the next post as well as details on how I’m moving forward with the first project.

Until next time!




10 Prototypes portfolio page

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