Where did AlextheDev go?

Hey, it has been a while since I’ve posted on social media or even wrote a blog post like this one. Rather than just jump back into it and magically appear online again, I’ve decided to write this short post to catch you up…

So, what have I been doing?

After finishing University I decided to take a short break, a few holidays here & there and a little time for myself to finally complete some old games. Throughout this time I didn’t give up on game dev (Never do that!). Me & a few former students have designed a few projects, I can’t guarantee they will ever become finished products but it was fun not losing touch with my design skills. Alongside my break and designing I have been trying to work on Finger Ninja. I will not lie, I’ve ran into a few hurdles, and spent a good few weeks trying to figure out animation in Blender, as well as solve any problems that appeared. As a programmer at heart this has been very difficult, it’s a completely different side to game development.

I do intend on completing Finger Ninja & having a playable prototype available over the next month or so. I’ve still a few things to figure out & a lot of small boxes to tick but be prepared for some updates. I think that covers all you need to know, I’m happy to be back & hope to be making games & posting again very soon…

Quick update:

Though Finger Ninja is my top priority I am going to work on a small prototype over the next day or two. This should help bring me back up to speed and make sure there’s nothing I’ve forgotten. I haven’t decided exactly what prototype I will be working on, but to make things easier I think I will revisit an old 1hr prototype & add to it.

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