1h prototype: Robots, Growth

The theme for this week was robots & growth, I wasn’t sure where to start with this one at all. Since I didn’t have an idea I figured I wouldn’t waste any time & jumped into Blender to waste some time modelling a robot. I could have easily achieved the same thing in Unity but I thought I’d try modelling and texturing a decent little robot. Instead it got about 10-20m in and I had this little guy:


He wasn’t bad but it still wasn’t a game. I’ve gotten very used to adding movement into these projects now, so I quickly created a new script and got him moving around… Okay so we have a robot now how do we do growth? There wasn’t much time left at this point and I had to somehow try and make it a game. My best idea was to let it run around collecting bolts to get larger. I did have a much better idea but I definitely didn’t have time to do it. I can still give you the run down though:

You start the game as a basic robot like the one above^ and you wander around collecting parts for yourself. Each part comes with different abilities for e.g. you have the thruster which hovers moves fairly fast, but you could get legs (more stability), tracks, roller ball etc.) The game would go on like that. You would detach old parts and get new parts based on what you needed to do.

So you can see why I couldn’t go with that idea, not in an hour anyway. I decided to settle with something much simpler, not how I like operating but for the sake of this challenge it was the best way to go. I created a few bolts and scattered them around the level for the player to collect, I then had the player grow slightly each time it collected one it looked something a little like this:

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (24)

I eventually with the last 5-10m arranged it into a race track kind of layout. My intentions were to make the player do one lap and the score was based on how many you collected. I didn’t get that far but I did get the basics for the game down. It hasn’t been my best prototype but this one was interesting.

As an additional note Finger Ninja has been put on hold temporarily until I get the character animated. I am doing the best I can with it but I’m also finishing my last few weeks at university this leaves me quite busy. Expect a few things to be put on hold temporarily but I promise I’ll still be working on it and back to regular posts as soon as possible.


Until next time…

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