Finger Ninja: Update

Due to participating in game jams & attending events I’ve been unable to continue development on Finger Ninja for the past week (or two). However, I have managed to set a day or two aside over this week and decided to invest my time into learning a new skill (or new-ish). In the last post, I said I would be working on the ninja, as such this has been the task I focused on. The problem was I never created a character before, usually I’ll work with boxes, be a little creative & make it a simple shape or the character will just not be seen at all. But for Finger Ninja there’s a character that’s almost always visible and is designed to move around a lot and do some cool ninja moves/tricks.

So, I decided I wanted a 3D character that somewhat resembled a human, I set a full day aside and decided it would be easier if I have a practice run in a sense. I figured if I create a random character for now, when it comes to creating the ninja I’ll have a better idea on what I’m doing. I began with lots of research trying to figure out where to start and what to do, eventually I found a few tutorials I thought would help and got to modelling. I don’t have much in the way of step by step imagery but here’s what the model looked like in the end:a.jpg

I thought it would be fun to create a character that has features (rather than just a block). It made it more of a challenge but it was interesting and helped me figure out how to edit shapes properly. Obviously, this isn’t the completed character, I still had to unwrap it, texture it, skin it and do everything else a character requires. It took me a few hours but eventually I got the character through all the steps and ended up with something like this:


It’s not the best but for my first character I didn’t think I did too bad of a job. I did completely leave out the hands for this model & just used a sphere, it still works but its cheating. I couldn’t quite get the hands modelled and just wanted to get through the process of going from modelling to usable character in engine. I didn’t work on any specific animations but I did work on getting the bones set up and working in engine. For the sake of this model I just set him up as a ragdoll:


I did have to add a bit of tweaking with forces to make it move but it was a quick job and the results weren’t bad. So, when I was next free I thought I’d make a start on this ninja, this began in roughly the same place as the last one:


I documented the process a little better for this character, I’ve also saved the result in the final image it’s a nice starting point if I want to create any kind of humanoid character. I haven’t completed the ninja yet but I have managed to start. This time I’ve also worked on creating hands, it took me hours just to create the basic shape but I eventually got there (and connected them to the human model):


I won’t show the ninja himself just yet as he isn’t 100% complete but by next time I’m hoping to have him fully textured and set up in engine. I also might as well get the colour selection working since I’ll be creating the base colour/texture (just get them out of the way all at once). That also means there will be something cool to show by the end of it.

Now I still have one major assignment left at university, so over the next few weeks’ progress may be a little slow (just until I finish my end of year presentation). It won’t stop but I should focus most of my time to creating and preparing that. Just think after I’ll be able to focus a lot more time and energy into this project and hopefully things will start moving forward faster. I’m sorry there wasn’t a great deal to show this week but creating characters takes a lot more time than I thought (even simple ones).

Until next time…

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