1hr Prototype Challenge: Egg, You’re the Enemy

This was a fun one & turned out much better than I thought. Let me start by saying I spent a good 5-10m of my time trying to come up with the Idea. My first idea was a 2D endless runner; you throw an egg and run away (while getting chased). It wasn’t a bad idea but I thought there was something much more fun so I decided to continue thinking. I eventually decided to make an arena, I thought it would be fun to be in a bowl and knock each other out or in the pit, I did make some progress:


At this point I had to take a little break (A friend needed me to help him with something) so I put the clock on pause. I had 40m left and the way this level was set up didn’t work too well. Given some extra time I could have probably made the arena thing work, but I decided to pivot into another direction. Instead I decided to create a table and have the egg roll around and knock other eggs off the table. I thought it would be fun and I could have a crack at making the egg break when it hits the floor. Each egg you kill gives you points but makes you move faster (making it harder), you aren’t hard boiled so be careful! Anyways here’s a look at the game I ended up with:


I think it turned out quite well, I didn’t get the speed increase thing in but that is quite a minor feature. I also didn’t get enough time to spawn more eggs, but I think there’s something else I’m going to do with this instead now…

I’m very happy with this prototype it’s quite simple & fun It’s definitely something I could return to later. I’d like to make the surrounding environment a kitchen and let the egg have a way to get safely off the table (with room for mistakes to be made). Then you could just do loads of silly things while you explore and just go kill all the eggs. I really enjoyed this one, when I get time I will work on it again and you may end up seeing a download link…

Until next time.

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