Latest Project: Finger Ninja


This week I plan on explaining a little more about the project itself. Last weeks post was very early on but I’ve managed to progress at a nice pace, I will talk about the game itself then cover what I’ve manged to achieve this week & maybe a rundown of what’s coming next. 

What is Finger Ninja?

Finger Ninja is a fast-paced mobile game where the player controls their very own little ninja in their pocket. A ninja is fast, accurate & never makes mistakes so be sure to keep all your training up to date and never forget the ways of the ninja…

The player starts on a pedestal and the environment is spawned in from the start (randomly generated). This gives the player a slightly different experience each time they play, the player will then fling the ninja across the screen by swiping in any upwards direction. Watch as the master warrior flies through the air & bounces from wall to wall, be careful though… If you fall or miss the wall entirely chances are you will fall to your death. A NINJA NEVER MAKES MISTAKES!

That’s a rundown of the general idea I’m working towards. There will be various environment pieces adding variety to the level including traps (imagine a Buzzsaw or an explosive tile), slippery walls, destructible objects and each will be laid out in a variety of ways. Character customisation is also a somewhat important part of the game, what fun would it be if you can’t personalise your ninja? Change the colour of your suit to your favourite colour and then select an accessory you like to make your ninja a little more unique… Accessories will also provide your ninja with a perk that can aid you in your adventures.

Finger Ninja © 2017, AlextheDev

What’s been done this week?

Well firstly I’m managing to announce the game^ (woo!). But in terms of what I’ve done development wise I started by adding a speed boost, this feeds into what I want to implement next so it was ideal I got this out of the way:


If you bounce between enough walls in rapid succession you will glow red and can move with much more force. It took a lot of tweaking to get this right & testing on both mobile & PC but eventually I found something that feels right. This allowed me to create more environment pieces, destructible platforms, the idea is the player gains a boost then blasts through the tile. If they hit the tile without the boost they bounce off it and fall…

I’ve never worked on destructible items before so I thought this could be an interesting challenge. I started by doing it properly (using 3D models) and created this:



The problem I had was when the ninja hit the platform to break it he would just bounce of it anyway (speed boost or not). I thought this was a problem with the pieces being too big so I decided to replace it by breaking it up into much smaller cubes (within unity rather than using a 3D model):



I got it working but still had the same problem, this meant I had to code a solution (which wasn’t too difficult). Eventually I managed to get it working with the million cubes solution:


The problem is I don’t like how this looks and think the model version is much cleaner, its less pieces and it breaks the model rather than just using cubes. The solution that forces the player through the platform should also apply to this so I will be reverting to the model method as soon as I can. I will be seeing if I can break it up into a few smaller pieces before I reapply it.

Besides that, I also worked on the logo, this took a lot longer than it was supposed to but part of me is glad it did. The reason it took so long is because I made a version of the logo then I would send it around a few of my friends receive some feedback make changes then repeat. Trust me, the original logo looked quite bad, but after half a day of feedback and editing I’m quite happy with the results and think it fits my game perfectly. To finish up I placed the logo on the main menu & edited the colours on the UI template to better suit the logo.

What’s next?

There’s quite a few jobs still on my to do list, at the minute there’s a couple that are higher priorities. I need to tweak the spawning system a lot, I’ve ran through the level a few times and some prefabs aren’t compatible with each other. By this I mean there isn’t enough space to jump from the wall you’re on to the next wall in the tiles above. I plan on adding difficulty scope asap, meaning the game is easier nearer to the start and progressively gets harder. When I do this I will have much more control on where & which tiles are spawning so this is near the top of my list.

Additionally, I’m currently working on creating the ninja himself… I had to have a big debate with myself on whether its best creating a 3D or 2D character there’s various pros and cons to each choice. I think I’m leaning towards 3D so that’s probably where I will begin…

Hopefully you will see a lot more stuff in the next post, just note Ludum Dare is approaching and I plan on participating. So, for this week at least progression might be a little slower. I do believe the post for this project will be replaced with a post about my game jam experience so keep your eye out for that.

Until the next post! 😀

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