My Latest Project

Yesterday I began development on a project I’ve wanted to work on for a while now; I started designing this game summer 2016 and have finally found time to start making it (or at least the prototype). So, what is this game? Well, I can’t say too much this early on in development (I’d be talking about an almost empty Unity Project), but I will talk about the work I’ve done so far & where I’m taking it from here. Ideally in the upcoming weeks I’ll announce the project officially when the prototype has progressed a little and becomes a little more presentable.

What I’ve done so far:


I knew what I needed from the menus and so I created mock-ups that allow me to navigate each screen and play the game. Currently no other functionality exists within the menus however concepts are outlined for ideas I want to add in later. Chances are when I get around to building the UI properly the layout and interaction will change moderately. An example would be the character customisation screen, currently this is purely visual but after the base game has been created this and other extended features will be added including:

  • Character customisation – Clothes colour, stats, accessories
  • Settings (obviously) – music, FX, replay tutorial, credits/contact info etc.
  • Game modes – 4 fun game modes to add variety to the gameplay (and allow players to choose the way they want to play)
  • Stats – View how awesome you are, receive bragging rights, share and challenge your friends
  • Missions – keep the game fresh by completing side objectives and earn a reward while you’re at it

There’s a lot of work yet to go into this project, but before I get all that done I’ve to actually make the game.

So, where am I on that? Well I’m currently only working on endless mode, if I get the game flowing endlessly with every feature I want included, I can later redefine and restrict gameplay rules to create the other game modes. I will also be able to add all the other features that help extend/enhance gameplay. I spent most of my time working on the main game and cleaning up all the scripts so everything was more organised and readable.

Currently I’ve only built the foundation for the spawning system. I need it to be constantly creating and deleting pieces of the level based on where the player is to be able to run efficiently so this is where I focused my efforts. After getting this working I was trying to add a variety to the pieces that spawn in (so it’s a little more random), I managed to create a handful of prefabs but there is still a lot more that needs to go into this before it’s finished. That’s all I’ve managed so far but it’s a huge step in the right direction. A post about this project should appear weekly, hopefully by next week’s post I’ve more to show and talk about. As the game progresses, more of it will start appearing on my social media pages too, so don’t forget to give them a follow if you haven’t already (links at bottom of page).

Until the next post!

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